A note on diversity and inclusion


We are an equal-opportunity group, committed to enacting anti-racist and anti-sexist policies to promote inclusivity in our lab, the biological sciences, and the academy. We believe that black lives matter, women’s rights are human rights, and no life is illegal. Applicants from underrepresented backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and lifestyles are enthusiastically encouraged to apply to any of the positions outlined below.

If interested, please email cbrook@uchicago.edu with a brief overview of relevant experiences and interests and attach a short CV or resumé.

Field Technicians

In part with Ekipa Fanihy, I periodically hire Field Technicians (usually American post-bac students; see Team) to work with Malagasy graduate students catching and collecting samples from wild fruit bats in Madagascar. I have found this to be rewarding opportunity for both parties to engage in scientific and cultural exchange. Applications are now past due for positions beginning in January 2022. Please check back next year for new opportunities and additional hires!

Please see here for a previous job description!

PhD Positions

I will be starting as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago in summer 2021. Applications to join my new lab in autumn 2021 are now past due. Please check back in late summer/early fall 2021 if you are interested in applying to start in 2022. I’m looking for motivated students with broad interests in disease ecology, conservation biology, and/or epidemiology who are eager to undertake a multi-faceted PhD involving some combination of field study, molecular work, and dynamical modeling. If interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


All funded postdoc positions in my lab are full at this time. However, independent postdoctoral fellows are always welcome, and I am happy to advise any interested individuals on related fellowship or grant applications. I have previous experience as both a Miller Fellow and a Branco Weiss Fellow myself and would be delighted to help strategize an application.